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We believe in making a positive impact on people’s lives, their families and communities as a whole, through our sincere endeavors. We always ensure on-time and reliable rides for our passengers.

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Free Consultation

Our team is prepared to consult with you and determine your needs for your childs’ rides. They will provide the insight you need to move forward with SafeRidezz.


Management team of seasoned, committed professionals who come with many years of experience in their respective fields and are now handling the following departments for SafeRidezz:

  • Operations and Management
  • Business Development and Fund-Raising
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Customer Relations
  • Marketing and Content Writing

Well-planned routes / zones for pick-ups and drop-offs for optimum timeliness and efficiency

Trained and reliable drivers for safety and trustworthiness (background checks, rigorous screening prior to hiring drivers)

Competitive, affordable pricing

Efficient organization which rises to and adapts to changing needs of the times. For example, when the global pandemic occurred, we nimbly and swiftly offered additional passenger transportation for crucial segments of the population such as Seniors, Special Needs and non-emergency medical transportation (N.E.M.T) services. We consider it our strength to be able to “pivot” when circumstances undergo a major change.


At SafeRidezz, the employee selection process is stringent and of utmost importance. Applicants are screened based on specific hiring criteria set up by our competent management team. Interviews are conducted with those who pass our initial screening. Interviewees are vetted via a thorough background check for any criminal records. Driving applicants are also subject to background checks of driving records. All employees are also given a drug test and TB test before they are hired and entered into the system.


We want to ensure that we place the very best hands behind every wheel of our vehicles. The vetting process is thorough and in-depth training upon hiring makes sure that each Driver follows our rules and regulations of driving and maintaining the vehicles.

Hiring Process


Our Vehicles

SafeRidezz owns and maintains its fleet with great attention to detail. We take pride in owning our vehicles and maintaining them with high standards of care.


While we have always followed rigorous cleaning procedures, these unprecedented times augmented our efforts by going above and beyond our normal procedures to adhere to strict guidelines by national health authorities. This care is meticulously rendered before and after each ride. Safety of our employees and customers is of utmost importance to us. For our passengers and drivers to stay safe, we ensure that our vehicles are sanitized and cleaned at all times.


At the beginning and end of the day, vehicles are washed, vacuumed, wiped down and sanitized with a disinfectant that meets leading health authority requirements. All surfaces are disinfected after each ride. These include keys, steering wheel, steering column, gear stick, door handles on inside and outside, seat belts, radio, center console, dashboard vents, infotainment display, door or steering-wheel-mounted controls, visors, mirrors, cupholders, center consoles, seats covers / headrests, trunk release.


All passengers undergo temperature checks and are asked to sanitize their hands before entering the vehicle. They are required to have facial coverings to be allowed to be seated in the vehicle. Masks are provided if needed.


When reporting to work every day, all drivers go through daily COVID screening and temperature checks.


First Aid Kits
Dual-facing Cameras
Fire Extinguishers
Seat Belts Locks & Extenders
Full Car and Booster Seats
Disinfectant wipes & Spray
Hand Sanitizer
Digital Thermometers

We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective rates based on (a) our experienced management’s research (b) data from the current trends in the industry ( c ) Competitors pricing.

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